Work Package 8 - Knowledge Exchange and Communications

Work Package Lead: Philip Burgess (


To create and deliver a national programme of Knowledge Exchange (KE) to stakeholders within relevant supply chains which is aimed at protecting the land base for future generations.


Seed potato production relies upon the availability of land free from PCN. However, the frequency of detection in land tested before seed potatoes has increased and forecasts indicate that without action the seed industry could become unsustainable in just 25 years. For table potato growers the pesticides available to control PCN have diminished and new approaches are necessary. This WP aims to bring together all Work Package strands to ensure the sector has the knowledge and tools necessary to a sustainable future.


This WP will establish a baseline understanding of the current situation and develop a national strategy with measurable KPI’s that will require delivery to achieve targets. Creating a communication programme that will deliver focused and consistent messages to stakeholder groups is also planned for this WP. This includes factsheets, this website, grower groups and industry events.

The outputs from other work packages will be integrated into the KE programme.