The Barnyards field trial 2022 report - A field trial investigating the resistance and tolerance characteristics of eleven potato varieties to Globodera pallida in Scotland

August 2023

In 2022 a field trial was established which aimed to provide information on the integrated control of Globodera pallida. This report publishes the results of the field trial planted at Barnyards Farm on 02/05/2022 - a location with a moderate-high PCN population. The trial consisted of 11 potato varieties (Cara, Maris Peer, Elland, Innovator, Eurostar, Buster, Amanda, Karelia, Cinderella, Lanorma, and Tyson) with varying levels of resistance to both G. Pallida and GRostochiensis (Table 1). Replicates of each variety were treated with either Nemathorin 10G (30 kg/ha, a.i. Fosthiazate) or left untreated.

Barnyards Open Day 2022 - Trial Results Summary

A summarised factsheet of results from the Barnyards Open Day 2022 trial report.

A desk based review of alternatives to glyphosate to control groundkeepers

May 2023

Glyphosate is the main herbicide used to control potato groundkeepers. A desk based study has been undertaken to review alternative control methods and this report considers chemical, non-chemical, and integrated options while providing information on the consequences if glyphosate was not available as a control option.