Final Report

Plant Health Centre - Future Threat of PCN Report


This report was originally published on the Plant Health Centre website in June 2020 and was written by Vivian Blok, Jon Pickup, Kim Davie, Helen Kettle, David Ewing, Adrian Roberts, Laura Kuhfuss, Adam Kleczkowski, Beth McDougall. 

The study:

- Determines the most effective way to control PCN is the use of resistant varieties and that more G. pallida resistance markers are required to assist breeders.

- Identifies practices that are detrimental to the control of PCN and barriers to the uptake of good practice in Scotland.

- Includes recommendations such as encouraging the use of resistant varieties in control programmes and potentially shifting rules within the legislation to benefit the management of PCN.

The report concluded that if no action is taken, and at the current rate of increase, the widespread presence of G. pallida may prohibit the production of seed potatoes on land free from PCN in as little as 30 years.